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Rules Of Conduct

At, it is our policy to follow the rules and guidelines of the AACA as seen below. 
AACA Rules of Conduct:

As AACA Members we strive to be courteous, honest and ethical in all conduct.

Please Note: It is important and desirable for you to state your AACA affiliation and adherence to it's rules and principles in your sales listings, but you may not imply that the item is guaranteed or authenticated by the AACA. No guarantee by the AACA, Inc. is given or implied with membership.

1.) Members shall engage in the discovery, collection, and/or sale of legally obtained artifacts only. The AACA does not condone the possession, collection, or sale of human remains.

Those who disregard any laws pertaining to the collection or procurement of artifacts are not welcome.

2.) No selling of reproduction artifacts unless clearly marked "For study only – Reproduction".

If the artifact is questionable - Then do not sell it as authentic.

3.) All members are expected to maintain and share accurate records of artifact provenience. During artifact transactions, members are also expected to fully disclose any and all associated opinions of authenticity that have been rendered by commercial authenticators.

The emphasis here is to provide other collectors with complete and accurate information, concerning an artifact's history, as part of any transaction.

4.) Member sellers must offer a MINIMUM 14 day return period on all items sold.

When a member sells or disperses of any artifact, without exception, he/she must unconditionally guarantee the buyer’s satisfaction with the artifact for at least 14 days from the date of the buyer's receipt of the artifact.

Members are encouraged to offer additional time at the request of the purchaser if an authenticator is to be used. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to notify the seller of his intent, as soon as possible. The 14 day return period is required on all artifact sales whether, marked as "reproduction, re-chipped, or authentic".

If an item is returned, the full purchase price, less postage must be returned to the buyer. Withholding of "Auction" fees or restocking fees of any kind, violates the unconditional return agreement.

5.) Member seller must refund any return within 14 days of receipt of returned item.

This was designed with the buyer in mind, and can be worked out between the buyer and seller at their discretion. The emphasis is once again to maintain a high degree of honesty between members and non members alike.

6.) Member sellers must make buyers aware of any modern re-chipping or restoration.

Re-chipping and restoration can be very hard to detect. Sellers need to examine and be familiar with artifacts that they sell. This issue will be dealt with in the event that a member repeatedly tries to sell this type of material.

7.) Members must strive to educate new collectors seeking knowledge about artifact collecting.

We believe that is what this organization is all about - members helping members to learn more about their hobby, history and how to build a clean collection.

8.) Members must work out any conflict or misunderstanding in a professional and timely manner.

This should be self-explanatory. What will set AACA members apart from other collectors and dealers is how we handle conflict resolution. Timely manner refers to: within 7 business day of close of Auction.

To reach the the conflict mediation committee please email:

9.) Board Members will assist in resolving any complaint involving a member.

The board acts as the Conflict Mediation committee.

10.) Membership can and will be revoked if these rules are not adhered to, via a majority vote of the Board of Directors for removal of membership.

Some offenses may result in probation of membership in the place of removal.

11.) Member sellers that sell on any auction must have their auction "handles" or names listed in the AACA membership directory for easy reference by potential buyers.

It is mandatory that all AACA members have their current auction "handle" or name listed in our Members Directory for ease in verifying they are indeed AACA members. Auctions are not limited to eBay, but include all auction venues.

12.)AACA members are not permitted to use the "private auction" or "private feedback" options on eBay.

The Board of Directors feels that the "private" auction and feedback features can be used to the benefit of those offering questionable items. If a member has a bonafide reason for conducting a "private" auction they may petition the Board of Directors for approval to do so.