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Citation: Antiquities Law (Mississippi Code Ann. §39-5-1-27, et seq.).

Date Enacted: 1972, amended 1986

Summary: Mississippi does not have specific unmarked burial provisions but depends on its broad based antiquities laws. This statute preserves and protects sites, objects, buildings, shipwrecks, and locations of historic, archaeological and architectural significance in, on or under state lands. This includes prehistoric and historic American Indian or aboriginal campsites, dwellings, and habitation sites. The statutes further makes it illegal to deface any American Indian or aboriginal sites includes burial mounds. The Department of Archives and History is responsible for implementing the law and issuing excavation permits.

Jurisdiction: All state and other municipality lands and waters in Mississippi. 
Statute of Limitations: Not specified. 
Areas Covered Under Act: All archaeological sites including American Indian burial mounds and other sites. 
Ownership: State. 
Review/Consultation Committee: Not specified. 
Liable: Anyone who violates provision of the Act without permit. 
Penalties: Misdemeanor penalties with fines ranging from $500 to $5,000 and jail terms of 30 days. The state offers rewards of $500 for information leading to arrest and conviction. 
Exemptions: None. 
Permitting: The Department of Archives and History issues general archaeological permits.