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Citation: Indian Bones (Maine Rev. Stat. Ann. Title 22, §4720) and Archaeology (Maine Rev. Stat. Ann. Title 27, §361).

Date Enacted: 1973, 1985

Summary: The statute on Indian Bones requires that all Indian skeletons, either publicly or privately owned, be transferred to the appropriate Maine tribe for reburial. Prior to reburial, the human remains may be scientifically studied for up to one year. The law makes no provisions for associated grave goods or dealing with human remains when affinity cannot be established. There are no provisions in the statute for violations. No review committee is mentioned and no process in laid out for inadvertent discovery of human remains. The Maine Historic Preservation Commission issues permits for archaeological excavations.

Jurisdiction: All lands in Maine. 
Statute of Limitations: Not specified. 
Areas Covered Under Act: All Indian skeletons will be reburied. 
Ownership: Indian Tribes in Maine. 
Review/Consultation Committee: No provisions are made for consultation. 
Liable: Not specified. 
Penalties: Penalties for violating the archaeological provisions include fines from $50- $1,000 per day. 
Exemptions: Not specified. 
Permitting: General archaeological permits issued through the Maine Historic Preservation Commission.