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Citation: Antiquities Act (RI Gen. Laws §42-45-1-1, et seq.); Cemeteries (RI Gen. Laws §23-18-2.1, et seq.).

Date Enacted: Antiquities Act, 1974, amended 1988; Cemeteries Act amended 1992

Summary: Rhode Island protects Native American burials under its Cemeteries Act which places responsibility for protecting and, if necessary, altering or moving historic cemeteries with the local municipality. If human graves are discovered, the Historic Preservation Commission must be notified. No provisions are detailed requiring coordination, notification or consultation with Native American tribes. Other archaeological sites and resources are protected under the state’s antiquities act which manages sites on state lands and in state waters. The statute also requires that the state be notified if sites are located on private land. The State Historic Preservation Commission is authorized to issue excavation permits.

Jurisdiction: All state lands and waters; state must be notified of sites on private lands. 
Statute of Limitations: Not specified. 
Areas Covered Under Act: Human graves, as well as archaeological sites. 
Ownership: Not specified.
Review/Consultation Committee:
Not specified. 
Liable: Anyone who disturbs a site without a permit. 
Penalties: Not specified. 
Exemptions: Not specified. 
Permitting: State Historic Preservation Commission issues permits.