Professional Artifact Digging Picks

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The Wiggle pick was custom designed with Artifact digging in mind.  They are slender tipped to work through the rock middens, yet strong enough for a 200 lb. man to pry off a hard wall of earth, without breaking.   Each Wiggle pick is hand made of spring steel, and will not bend under normal use.  

If you are a serious digger, you need one of these picks.  You can move 3 times the dirt, with much less energy.  By pushing the pick in slowly, you can detect if you encounter an Artifact.  Use this tool by wiggling as you push it into the ground, then break off the leading edge and inspect the dirt and bank for Artifacts.

The Wiggle Pick is the best Artifact digging tool available.  It will allow you to move a signifigant amount of dirt without undue risk of breaking your finds.

A Bargain at $85.00 in the state of Texas and $90.00 outside of Texas. ( includes shipping within Cont. US )
Saving one Artifact that you might have broken will pay for itself

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James Kemp
215 Private Rd. 1184
Kopperal, TX 76652
Say you seen it at Arrowheads Dot Com

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