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We Buy Arrowheads

We are always in the market to acquire Authentic Indian Relics. We buy single pieces or entire collections. Our interests range from average field grade artifacts, to collections containing only "High Grade" Artifacts.

We do not buy relics over the phone. We must see the actual artifacts before finalizing any offer to purchase artifacts. Pictures are helpful in determining our level of interest. If you would like to send pictures of your arrowheads or other artifacts, you can use either the submission form or the e-mail address below to send them. From the pictures we would expect to determine our level of interest.

Our ultimate goal is to always please our clients. During these trying economic times, we want you to be aware that Low Grade, Field Grade and Common Grade Artifacts are not bringing what they should. If we buy your artifacts, we promise to be as fair as we can as it is our rule to never take advantage of anyone. Lately we have been able to refer sellers of Low Grade arrowheads to dealers that are able to move them through trade shows.

To obtain the maximum price for your collection, we recommend you open an artifact store on our site. You can open a store for 3 months at an introductory price of only 134.85 for 3 months and sell your collection piece by piece at full retail value. Open your artifact store now!

We Buy Only Authentic, Legally Obtained Relics

ALL PICTURES SUBMITTED MUST BE LESS THAN 25MB IN SIZE.  IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RESIZE A PICTURE THEN SUBMIT YOUR IMAGES TO This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I Am Interested In Selling My Artifact Collection


Upload A Picture Of Your Collection


* Images Must Be Less Than 25MB In Size!
* Place a ruler alongside the pictures you submit

*NOTE* Please Allow Up To 2 Minutes For Images To Upload To Server - Thank You
By clicking the submit button, I warrant that these artifacts were legally obtained according to the Laws governing collecting artifacts. I warrant they were not found on Government Property and were not taken from Burial Graves. They were found on private property with the landowner’s permission.