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ITEM: 02174

This thinly made FLUTED FOLSOM is made of  Brown and Tan Smokey Hills Jasper and was found in Lawrence County, Missouri. It measures 2 3/4" in length by 1" wide and has a Gregory Perino COA. This beauty is X-Collins Collection, X-Ray Arnett, and X-Todd Ingram. The color and material make this a rare Paleo artifact for any collector.


PRICE SOLD                               


ITEM: 00713

 This Translucent WHEELER is made of Crystal Quartz and is from Carroll County, Virginia near the North Carolina Border. It measures 1 5/8 in length by 11/16 wide comes with a Tom Davis G10 COA. This is the

only point of this type and material that I have ever seen so it is extremely rare.


PRICE $3800.00                                    


This FLUTED CLOVIS is made of Brown and Tan High Grade Agate and was found in New Mexico. It measures 2 5/8" in length by 7/8" wide and comes with Roy Motley and Bill Jackson COA's. It is X-Glasscock Collection and is a beautiful point from the South Western region.


PRICE SOLD                                       

          ITEM: 01065


          This beautiful QUAD is made of Boyle Chert and was found by Creel Robertson at the Boswell Hill Site in the

          early 1960's in Boyle County, Kentucky. It measures 3 5/8" in length by 1 3/8" wide and comes with a Gregory

          Perino and Bill Jackson COA's. It is X-Creel Robertson, X-Bill Pinkston, and X-Todd Irvin and is one of the best

          examples of the point type that I have ever had. I would grade this beauty a G10 all the way.           



           PRICE SOLD


ITEM: 00996

This beautiful BULL'S-EYE  KNOBBED HARDEN is made of Shades of Tan with Gray Stripes Flint and was found in Shelbyville, Illinois. It measures 4 7/16" in length by 1 1/2 " wide and has a Tom Davis G10 COA. X-Tom Davis


PRICE $4000.00                             

ITEM: 00380

This beautiful LOST LAKE is made of Brown and Light Blue Fort Payne Chert and was found in Stewart County, Tennessee. It measures 3 5/8 in length by 1 wide and has a Bill Jackson and Dwain Rogers COA. This is a very high grade point and came form the collection of John Jones.   


PRICE $2200.00       


ITEM: 00812

This beautiful HOURGLASS BANNERSTONE is made of Red and Black Banded Quartzite and was found in Spencer County, Indiana at the Crib Mound Site. It measures 2 7/8" in length by 2 1/16" wide and comes with Tom Davis G10, Bill Jackson, and Tony Putty COA's. It is X-G. Parks, X-B.C. Hammon, X-Mel Wilkins, X-Tom Davis, and sold at Converse Auction. What a real collectors artifact this is with the history and quality.


PRICE $9500.00                            


ITEM: 02027

This beautiful SPIRO EQUAL ARM PIPE is made of  Brown Sandstone and was found at the Temple Mound in LeFlore County, Oklahoma. It measures 9 15/16" in length by 1 5/16" wide and comes with a Tom Davis G10, Bill Jackson, and Tony Putty COA's. This beauty is pictured in Who's Who # 1, page 80, top picture, from the collection of  Jacob S. Royer and is X-Lewis Fuelling Collection and X-Scott Juity Collection.


PRICE $12000.00                               


ITEM: 00577

This HERNANDO is made of Gray Raw Bay Bottom Chert and is an extremely thin and a well made museum grade projectile point which is very rare and unique for its type with an unusually deep center tang and long ears. It was found in Central Florida. It measures 2 11/16" in length by 1 1/4" wide and has a Carlos P. Tatum COA. Carlos has graded this beauty a G-10 X-Cecil Hodge (finder)


PRICE SOLD                     

ITEM: 00950

This beautiful DEEP CUPPED DISCOIDAL is made of Brown Quartz and was found in Lake County, Ohio. It measures 5 1/4" in length by 1 11/16" thick and has a Tom Davis G9 COA. This beauty was found by Dale Rice in his garden.


PRICE $6500.00                                            

ITEM: 00613

This MICHIGAN BARBED AXE is made of Dark Gray Granite and was found in Central Michigan. It measures 8 1/4" in length by 2 5/8" wide by 5" in height and has a Karen and Roy Motley COA. X-Jim Crawford  X-Terry Allen 


PRICE $2600.00    

ITEM: 00821

This beautiful ENGRAVED SCALLOPED SHELL GORGET was found in Smyth County, Virginia at the Chilowie Schoolhouse Site in 1953. It measures 4 3/8 in length by 3 13/16 wide and comes with a Bill Jackson COA. X-Dan Stroud                                                


PRICE SOLD                  

           Item: 01059


           This Incised Shell Pendant is made from Carved Conch Shell and is from the Hiawassa Island on the Tennessee River

            that measures 4 7/8" by 2 15/16" and comes with a Bill Jackson COA. This very rare artifact is from the Teegardener



            PRICE $6500.00





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