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I am a retired World History teacher and have collected and studied N. American Indian artifacts and cultures for over 27 years. I had been authenticating for friends and local folks with a close friend whom many of you knew, that was Sammy Ray of Lufkin, Texas. He past away two years ago and I have carried on and now I am having a coming out party of sorts and letting the collecting community know who I am & what I am offering. I have a great special package deal right now of 5 evaluations for $5o dollars. That's cheap folks!! I owe a lot to Sammy Ray as he is the one who prodded me into my authenticating business. I now own "Butler Artifact Authentications" where you can count on an honest & professional evaluation on each artifact, one at a time, no matter how much it hurts. I use all the latest equipment from stereo-scopes and fiber-optic Halogen lighting to UV to pick out the re-chips and restorations, not to mention 27 years of collecting and research. I'm not the first person to say this but a fake, is a fake, is a fake and we need to stamp this out, whether it's a seller or an authenticator who has lost his ethics and we do have a few of them around. So, there's a new gun in town and I'm ready to provide an alternative choice to your authentication needs. My e-mail is headhunter100points@yahoo.com and (Cell)936-615-3777. Web site will be up and running shortly.

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United States

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Paleo, High Plains, Texas Rootbeer, Mid-West , pretty much all of it. If it's nice I'll like it.
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27 years


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Robert Butler

Robert Butler

I'm married with 15 children and 22 grandchildren. I live in Hell and wear a red jumpsuit. No Capes, save that for Superman. No really, I have a beautiful wife named Sarah and three great kids, Heather, Lexie, and Nathan. All college grads and all headed for great things, we hope!!! I have a Pitbull named REX that my son brought home one day and after I had a conniption or contraction I fell in love with this dog. He is a big pussy. Runs from the cat but can out jump anything I've ever seen. Great athlete, great pal and companion. These dogs have a bad rep but it's the individual that raises the dog and not the other way around. I have owned three different business's. A shellfish business off the coast of Long Island in New York where I was raised. I also fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning a farm. Not exactly a stress less kind of farm. It was a 5 house, 100,000 head poultry operation contracted out to Pilgrim's Pride along with a registered herd of Beefmaster Cattle that were fat on chicken litter grass and hay. I have also worked for several big companies besides teaching high school World History. I have degrees from three different Universities and I'm still trying to figure things out. Thankfully, I have retired to my authentication business, which I love. It's in its infancy but is already producing some revenue. I can guarantee you one thing, if I like it you'll get a very nice certificate of authenticity, if I kill it you'll get a detailed letter explaining why and if for some reason I can't make a call on it I won't charge you a dime but that is extremely rare. Any authenticator that tells you he's never not been able to make a call on a points authenticity is either a liar or a thief. It happens. We just have to be honest about it. Literally. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Dollar for dollar a certificate is worth its weight in gold.
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