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Todd Walterspaugh

Walking the tables at the Collinsville show I came across an interesting Banner Stone that apparantley had been recovered at the Cahokia site in St. Clair County, Illinois. I enquired on the Banner and was told that this was an Ex: Ben Thompson and Lee Holmes collection and had Bens collector sticker still on one side. What caught my eye with this piece was the fact that it has a freeze pop to one side where the numerous cycles of freezing over the years had caused a thin section of the banner to weather away. I BUY THE BANNER :) Back to Ben Thompson, I knew I would be seeing Ben at the yearly Central States Archaeological meeting that same night and figured I'd see if he remembered owning this great Cahokia Banner Stone??

Todd Walterspaugh

Next show for the books is Collinsville, Illinois march 7 & 8 in two weeks. We will be set up with two tables # 202&203 on the illinois Arch side of the venue. Stop by and visit please. My main reason for going to this show is to see friends and collectors from this area I normally don't see but once a year!
 I also plan on attending the Rainbow Traders auction this coming Saturday February 28 in New Berlin, Illinois. Should have a table for the auction...
 The week before Collinsville will be spent with my good friend Brad Simmerman in Missouri - hunting for those beautiful Mozarkite relics ;) 
 Pict's from trip will be posted in the near future ...
Well as usual the Collinsville show left little time for much of anything other than talking rocks. I didn't get many pictures taken but my friend Grady Steele did manage to sneek a picture of a couple of my friends at my tables. I met a few more guy's who I have dealt with for years and just never got a chance to meet until this year. Rich Overman and David Miller I enjoyed finally meeting you both!
Brad Simmerman "Missouri Mozarkite Madman"  &  Chris "Dover" Beardslee pictured below..

Todd Walterspaugh

BIG artifact show this coming Sunday - February 22, 2009 in Benton Harbour, Michigan. This show tends to be the largest for the Woverine State Archaeoloigal Society and is a great way to kick of another year of shows. Collectors from all over the midwest typically make the trek to this show which is co-sponsered by GIRS. We usually have 100+ dealer tables set up for this show which brings in quite a crowd!  I'm looking forward to hanging out with my collector friends and talkin rocks ;)  We expect to have a display of close to 200 Birdstones this year and that's a site to see my friends!! Tables are only $10 each and admission is free to the public. I'll be sure and post some pictures next week to this Blog for those of you who cant attend..
Great show with plenty of High grade relics to enjoy!! We ended up having 197 Birdstones on display from several different collections. Pictures below from the show - enjoy ;)

Aug 19, 2010

Paiute Beaded Bottle

Todd Walterspaugh

A beaded bottle which dates to the early to mid 1900's. This is a Southwestern Paiute item and is fully beaded including the bottom and lid.

Todd Walterspaugh

Figured I would post this Shell Ornamental on behalf of the other Shell Blog that was started.

This drilled shell ornamental was recovered in Kalamazoo County, Michigan in a marsh near Portage Lake near the own of Vicksburg. A good friend of mine Dan Wheeler was the finder.

Todd Walterspaugh

A nice pair of mens beaded Moccasins which would date to 1880-1890. Typical Sioux design and pattern.

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