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Arrowhead mounting question

Judith Smith

I have a few hundred arrowheads I found in my youth in central Texas.  I want to mount and frame them.


They will be mounted on suede board.  Question?  What kind of glue do you recommend?  An adhesive?  I bought t2 types today, a Silicone Adhesive and another strong glue for crafts that works on porous and nonporous materials.


There are so many glues on the market.


judith smith  



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Mary Lacy
Mary Vasquez: ...
As someone who has used glues before to mount arrowheads I actually advise against it. It's much better to use cotton or foam so that the glass makes some pressure on the arrowheads which "dig in" to the cotton and stay in place. If you want additional hold that will also offer an authentic look to your project use leather straps, which is what Native Americans used. Not only is all this better than glue but your end piece will look great. As for glues silicon glues are an invasive material which may become permanently bonded to your artifact . If you want to protect your arrowheads you won't use glue. If you must try Melinex 516 as it's less invasive. I had many arrowheads that I framed using different glues over the years & when later I wanted to redo my frames after the matting faded I had a hard time removing the glue & when I saw what it did to my artifacts I was disappointed. Trust me, the cotton backing or foam backing works best without any need for glue....

February 17, 2011

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